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Double duty has been the name of the game for many of us this past year as we had to work and help our kids learn from home. Tapping into creative ways to maximize space became a survival necessity for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a spare room to utilize. Adding a small desk to a bedroom or living area was a quick fix. Another trend has been to close off open floor plans by adding a permanent or temporary partition to a dining space to create privacy but can be turned back into an eating area when needed.

INDOOR-OUTDOOR living spaces have become a popular trend this past year. Bi-fold or French doors allow you to bring the indoors out with a natural, flowing feel. If you do not have an attached covered patio, pergolas, wood decks, large stepping stones or outdoor rugs are also a great way to create dining or conversational areas. Adding large potted plants, a fire pit and some outdoor lights will help warm up the spaces. Creating your own outdoor oasis will allow more family memories to be made even if you aren’t able to travel as often as before.

MORE FAMILY TIME at home meant for some parents investing in game rooms once it became apparent that travel, movie theatres, bowling alleys and other entertainment venues wouldn’t be an option anytime soon. Adding a pool table, foosball, ping pong table or shuffleboard are good options for teens. Adding hanging chairs or oversized plush floor chairs and a projector and screen for movie and video game nights are sure to cater to extended family time.

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SOUL BALANCE by creating a bathroom made to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Bathroom renovations have been an ongoing trend but it has become more valuable than ever before during these times. If a remodel isn’t an option then adding plush towels, soothing bath products, a soft robe, slippers and candles will set the stage for a your bathroom oasis.

DWELL in prefab units with kits that will fit in your extra backyard space. These Accessory Dwelling Units have become a doable way to add a home office, guest space or an in-law suite. Depending on your sizing needs, some units do not require a permit and can be completed in no more than 90 days

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