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An Honest Look At Failure…

As human beings, we do not naturally carry a fondness for failure and very rarely celebrate it. Many of us tend to ignore risks that might cause us to fail. Resisting an opportunity to fail can save face but it never produces growth. Stagnancy – or a lack of movement – creates boredom, a loss in desire for learning and no opportunity for growth.
I’m reminded of a time when one of our younger kids was learning to walk. The entire family would gather around as she toddled and tipped. We’d chant her name, cheering her on with phrases like, “You can do it! You’ve got this!”
But it’s critical to note that it wasn’t until she fell on her padded little bottom that the room erupted in joyous praise and celebration, “Great job, you did it! I’m so proud of you! Try again!”

As parents, we can easily mark the connection between failure and growth. We understand it takes time to learn to walk, ride a bike and tie a shoe. We challenge our kids to get back up again. While it might come naturally to celebrate the failures small children face when reaching milestones, somewhere along the way, we forget the importance of failure amongst ourselves.

Maybe we believe we should have it all figured out by now. Maybe, because we aren’t precious toddlers, we feel more vulnerable by the act of falling down. Shouldn’t we know the best solution? Shouldn’t we have all the answers? Failure as an adult, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa isn’t an option, right?
But imagine if our toddlers were too embarrassed from falling over that they decided they never wanted to walk again.
Celebrating failure along with success is crucial. And if it’s true that as humans we never stop learning, then the same can be said for failure. We never stop failing.

As a culture, we celebrate success well. But imagine if we were to do the same for those around us who risked and failed. What kind of movement would be born in this overly saturated and curated society? In order to do it, we must be honest about our failures to allow others to celebrate us and also remind us to get back up again.

After a year of many failures and a future full of new beginnings, let us be known as people who champion the bravery in trying.

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